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Human bones from 'voodoo ritual' found in the Med
Posted on Tuesday August 30, 2016

Police are investigating a series of bizarre discpveries made by divers near Calpe, eastern Spain, that include human bones and items used in voodoo-type rituals.

Hapless thief caught after FOUR hours trapped in hot car
Posted on Tuesday August 30, 2016

Police rescued a thief after a robbery went wrong and he spent four hours trapped inside a car parked in the heat of the day in Barcelona

Spain seeks return of Nazi gifts 'proving' Aryan origins
Posted on Tuesday August 30, 2016

Archaeological treasures excavated from a Visigoth cemetery on the plains of Castilla y Leon during the 1930s might well have strengthened links between Nazi Germany and fascist Spain but 75 years after they were presented as a gift to Himmler, Spain wants them back.

Christmas Day elections loom as opposition blocks govt deal
Posted on Tuesday August 30, 2016

Spain's main opposition Socialist party on Monday refused to back Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's efforts to form a minority government, pushing the country closer to its third general election in a year.


Spanish is after Chinese the second most spoken language in the world – almost 500 million people speak Spanish! About 350 million of those speak Spanish as their first language.

This number keeps rising. Over the last decade the number of people speaking Spanish has doubled.

Spanish is after English the second most widely used language in international communications. It is spoken in 21 countries and is one of the official languages of the European Union, the African Union, as well as the United Nations. It will definitely give you a big plus whatever your profession is.

Spain is visted by more than 55 million tourists per year. Knowing Spanish can help you in many ways enjoy the hispanic world and life better.



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