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Americans abroad: get off the fence, stop Trump
Posted on Monday September 26, 2016

If you're an American in Europe, don't let high-minded queasiness stop you using your vote - there's too much at stake, says Laura Shields of Democrats Abroad.

Socialists lose support but still refuse to back Rajoy govt
Posted on Monday September 26, 2016

Spain's Socialist leader on Monday stood by his refusal to let conservative acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy form a new government despite heavy losses for the centre-left party in regional elections.

Ten facts you probably didn't know about Spanish wine
Posted on Monday September 26, 2016

It was the Romans' favourite drink, a muse to Picasso and fell victim to the fascist regime of dicator Francisco Franco. Wine blogger Timmer Brown lifts the lid on everything you (probably) didn't know about Spanish vino.

Two jihadists held in Spain for plotting terrorist attacks
Posted on Monday September 26, 2016

Spanish police have arrested two men accused of plotting to carry out an Isis-inspired attack in Europe.


Spanish is after Chinese the second most spoken language in the world – almost 500 million people speak Spanish! About 350 million of those speak Spanish as their first language.

This number keeps rising. Over the last decade the number of people speaking Spanish has doubled.

Spanish is after English the second most widely used language in international communications. It is spoken in 21 countries and is one of the official languages of the European Union, the African Union, as well as the United Nations. It will definitely give you a big plus whatever your profession is.

Spain is visted by more than 55 million tourists per year. Knowing Spanish can help you in many ways enjoy the hispanic world and life better.



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