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General Conditions

§ 1

Whilst we try our best to provide accurate information concerning those Spanish language schools, we cannot assure that it is always correct and up to date. Publicising and updating school descriptions, characteristics of courses, prices and special offers, etc. is the responsibility of individual schools that register with this website. We therefore strongly advise our users to establish direct contacts with desired schools in order to avoid possible misunderstanding or losses.

§ 2

We cannot accept liability directly or indirectly caused by any irregularity of those schools or users registered with this website. If we should discover such irregularities we shall act according to the measures set out in §3 and §4.

§ 3

Schools are under obligation to publise information correctly and in conformity with the law and local regulations. We reserve the right to remove the information publicised by any school that is acting in contravention of law or local regulations. In severe cases the account of the school shall be removed.

§ 4

Users of this website are legally responsible for their behaviour, words and information publicised in the forums and the school review section. Messages posted and reviews submitted are subject to the management of the webmaster. We reserve the right to remove any illegal content in the forums or school review section. In severe cases the account of the user shall be removed.


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