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Specific Spanish courses: Law, Medicine, Tourism, Business
Posted on Tuesday March 14, 2017

At Escuela Delengua, in addition to offering Spanish language course, we also offer specific courses where you can learn the correct terminology and information for either law, medicine, [..]

Spend your Easter holidays learning Spanish at Escuela Delengua!
Posted on Monday February 20, 2017

Easter is fast approaching and it is time to plan your holiday. A break from your usual routine is what everyone needs once in a while. Have you [..]

Choose a Spanish course in Spain during 2017
Posted on Sunday January 15, 2017

Have you always wanted to pick up a new language but never know when the right time to start is? Well now is your time! The start of [..]

Piccavey Blog (Thanks to Molly)

Spanish Foodie Memories in Historic Malaga – With Spain Food Sherpas
Posted on Friday March 24, 2017

When I first arrived in Spain. The market was a fascinating place for me to visit. Spain food such as fresh fish and endless varieties of olives seemed to me like a whole new world. 20 years on it was

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Experience Canary Island Leisure Like a Local
Posted on Tuesday March 21, 2017

Warm and wonderful and not a million miles from the UK, the Canary Island region of Spain is a little piece of paradise. Spend a holiday there for relatively few pounds in travel terms. Each island boasts their own natural riches for

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Spain for Please Blog (Thanks to Josh)

Tips for Travelling to the USA from Spain: ESTA, Travel and Money
Posted on Monday March 20, 2017

Travelling to any new country is exciting and as one of the world’s key tourist hot-spots the USA does not disappoint. There are tonnes of great places to visit in the USA and though New York, Florida and California are arguably the most popular states for tourists to head to, wherever you go you are sure to be inundated with things to see and do. Make Your Trip to the USA the Best it Can Be One of the best ways to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible is to stay organised and on the ball. Here are some top tips for travelling to the USA as a Spanish person. ESTA Application: If you are travelling to the USA there is a lot to consider; where will you stay? What are you going to do? How will you get there? One thing many people forget to take into account is how they will get in. As with travelling to most other foreign countries the USA does have rules and regulations with regards to who can enter and what visa they require. However, if you are one from one of the 38 countries who participate in the Visa Waiver […]

Getting Around Barcelona by Bike!
Posted on Thursday December 29, 2016

The first time I visited Barcelona I was just 15 years old. The only thing I cared about was skateboarding. So I skated everywhere, hunting down the best skate spots in town and dragged my poor Dad with me. I had the best time ever. It wasn’t until my second visit in 2011 that I realised the best way to experience the awesome city of Barcelona is actually by bike. This time I was travelling solo and only had 3 days to see sights like Park Güell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Milá, Camp Nou and the Gothic Quarter. With no skateboard to get me from A to B, choosing to see Barcelona by bike was a no brainer. Why you should see Barcelona by bike Barcelona city centre is vast, so walking between the popular sights can be exhausting and time-consuming. Inevitably, you’ll need to take the city’s Metro at some point but on a beautiful day the last place you’ll want to be is the stuffy, overcrowded and predictably sweltering underground network of tunnels. Cycling is not only a more attractive and less stressful alternative, but is also eco-friendly and healthier too. These days, bike rental in Barcelona couldn’t be easier. It’s as […]

Abroad Dreams (Adventures from a couple living in Spain)

Sabino Canyon Tucson Arizona Is Worth Exploring
Posted on Thursday March 23, 2017

Visiting Sabino Canyon In Coronado Forest Arizona Just a few months ago, we were having breakfast with some friends and acquaintances at a local bar in Puerto Rico. As I mentioned that we were planning a trip to Arizona (this was before we decided to move here) and the Sabino Canyon, one of them said in …

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Renting Apartments In Puerto Rico – Real Estate PR Part 2A
Posted on Monday March 13, 2017

In my last post about Real Estate In Puerto Rico Part 1, I talked about buying real estate in Puerto Rico and whether it is a good time to buy right now. The reality is, however, that the majority of people moving to Puerto Rico for the first time, choose to rent. So, today I want …

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