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Spanish grammar and more: This page has been created for students who want to learn Spanish. Explanations, written practice, tests, grammar rules, articles, etc organized in a collection of Spanish resources that will certainly help you to improve your language level quickly.
Articles about Spanish language and culture
Articles about Spanish language and culture
Proverbs of the Day

A donde el corazon se inclina, el pie camina. Spanish
Home is where the heart is. English

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Spanish letters on your keyboard
What Keyboard Result
"A" acentuada Alt+160 á
"E" acentuada Alt+130 é
"I" acentuada Alt+161 í
"O" acentuada Alt+162 ó
"U" acentuada Alt+163 ú
Tilde Alt+164 ñ
Tilde Alt + 165 Ñ
Diéresis Alt+129 ü
Exclamación Alt+173 ¡
Interrogación Alt+168 ¿
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